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  • Do you need help deciding what kind of Wine Cooler to get?
  • Do you want to know the difference between a Freestanding Wine Cooler and a Built-In Wine Cooler?
  • Do you want to know about the different features Wine Coolers offer?
  • Or do you just want to check out reviews of the Top Wine Coolers?
  • No matter what you question is, you are in the right place!

Need a Buyers Guide?

Taking care of your wine is serious business and making sure you have the right wine cooler is the key. The question is, how do you know what kind of wine cooler is best for you?

For help with this, check out our Buyers Guide. You will learn:

  • The differences between Freestanding Wine Coolers, Build In Wine Coolers, and Countertop Wine Coolers
  • If a Single Zone Wine Cooler or a Dual Zone Wine Cooler is better for your needs
  • If you should get a Thermoelectric Wine Cooler or a Compressor Wine Cooler
  • The best temperature ranges for your wine
  • Are there other features that are important to you when looking at a wine cooler? For example, do you need a cabinet lock, a reversible door, removable shelving, or an interior light?

Looking for a certain size?

Are you looking for reviews on a particular size/ capacity wine cooler?

Then you will want to check out the Top Reviews on:

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Then check our reviews by Brand:

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Check out these Top Rated Wine Coolers


Countertop Wine CoolerHaier 6-Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator Wine Fridge Review  (Countertop)

This cooler is an attractive addition to any countertop. It is black with silver trim and is perfect for countertop or small table use.

It’s pretty light at about 20lbs, but feels study….   GO TO REVIEW



NewAir 12-Bottle Wine CoolerNewAir 12-Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler (Countertop)

This thermoelectric cooler is perfect for any countertop or Wet Bar. It’s lightweight at 26 pounds and has a nice soft blue interior light.

The cabinet is black with a stainless steel …. GO TO REVIEW




Avanti 27-Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric ReviewWine fridge


This is really an awesome wine chiller. It is innovative in that it stores up to 4 regular sized bottles in the upright position. So if you don’t finish a bottle, you can still store it in this wine cooler without fear of it leaking.

This is a Freestanding, Thermoelectric cooler featuring Dual Zone cooling for 27-Bottles of red or white wines….    GO TO REVIEW



NewAir 32-Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric ReviewWine coolers


This wine cooler is simply stunning; and the NewAir brand is very well respected by consumers. I think this is a very classy wine chiller. Let’s get into the details.

This is a Freestanding, Thermoelectric cooler featuring Dual Zone cooling for 32-Bottles of your favorite wines….    GO TO REVIEW



Built In Under Counter Wine Cooler

EdgeStar 36 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Compressor Review

This is the EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler featuring Dual-Zone cooling, French-Doors and holding 36-standard size bottles.

I love this cooler because it can serve as either a freestanding cooler or an undercounter cooler ….

** Note: This cooler can be Freestanding or Built-In/ Under-Counter. **



Wine cooler review 50 bottleKingsBottle 50 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge Review

Quite possibly the perfect size!

Many collectors need more space than what a countertop cooler can offer, but they may not yet be to the point of a collector with hundreds of bottles.

This built-in or freestanding cooler is definitely something to consider if your capacity is in this range…. GO TO REVIEW

** Note: This cooler can be Freestanding or Built-In/ Under-Counter. **

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