Wine Cellar or Wine Cooler?

Storage of wine is something that should certainly not be neglected. This is probably not something we need to tell you!

Any yet there are many people who spend lots of money on very expensive bottles of wine only to have them go bad because of improper storage. Don’t compromise your investment!

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Wine Cellar?

If you are keeping your wine long term (years) then a wine cellar might be the best option for you. Maybe you have some wine that is not going to be in its prime for several more years. If you are this sort of collector, then you will want to invest in a wine cellar. Generally speaking, the best temperature for a wine cellar is somewhere between 55-59 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ideal temperature for long term wine storage is not the same as the ideal temperature for wine serving.

Wine cellar or wine cooler

Wine Cellar Storage

Some other factors to consider for a wine cellar: you need an area that has decent ventilation. A stuffy climate is not where you want to store you wine.

You will notice that most cellars are out of the way (usually underground or in a basement). Temperature fluctuations, harsh light, debris and dust can all damage your investment. Vibrations can also spoil wine. A cellar needs to be kept at a constant temperature, with dark or dim lighting, free from debris, and vibrations.

Some people like to show off their wine collection, which is understandable. However, setting your good wine out on display in a common area like a living room or dining room in not likely to be the best option. The temperature fluctuations alone can damage your wine.

Instead, if you want to show off your collection, make a point to tour you cellar; this is something that is sure to impress your friends.

Wine Cooler?

Now maybe you are not yet a collector of this sort; maybe you don’t even want to be. Many people buy nice wines that are best consumed within the year. If this is you, then a wine cooler or wine refrigerator is probably a better option than a wine cellar.

Why is that? First of all, wine coolers generally store wine at ideal drinking temperature. Cellars are more for long term storage, which, as mentioned earlier, is a different temperature.

So if you want to have an impromptu bottle of when when a guest stops over last minute, your wine is at perfect serving temperature.

Your wine is also more readily available. Meaning you don’t have to go down to the dark cellar to select a wine (although there are a lot of people who find this the most enjoyable part of wine collecting).

Wine coolers have become very popular in the last 20 years. Which means, they have also become very stylish and much more affordable. People recognized that the taste of wine is greatly improved if it is consumed at appropriate temperatures (and your standard refrigerator is not an appropriate temperature).

If you are more of a casual wine drinker (without an extensive collection) then a wine cooler is most likely the best option for you. Wine cellars are more expensive and take more effort to maintain. So unless you are serious, start with a wine cooler. Whatever you do, don’t store your wine in a standard refrigerator or on a shelf in the living room!

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