Wine Vacations, the Perfect Getaway

Two Great Locations for a Wine Vacation!


Looking to get away and go on some fabulous wine tasting adventures? Two of the top places are California and Italy. Of course there are many other places for travel and great wine – France comes to mind. Or even Spain…, but we will cover those in a later post.

In the U.S., California is the place for wine. There are other locations that make wine (Oregon, Washington and even New Jersey), but CA is the most well know. In fact, a lot of the worlds wine comes from California.

Where specifically in California? Napa Valley of course. This region is simply breathtaking. You will experience rolling hills and seemingly never ending vineyards. The wineries are many and the staff and owners of the wineries are welcoming, helpful and informative.

In most cases, you will get to tour the facilities and ask questions. Then of course there is the wine tasting – the reason for the whole trip!

The goal of the owners is to have you buy some wine. They make it easy to purchase and take care of shipping it to your home. This way you can remember your wonderful wine vacation from the luxury of your own living room. Just about an hours drive from San Francisco, you can’t pass up┬áthis beautiful landscape.

Next we have Italy, specifically Tuscany

This may require a bit more travel for some (and a bit more money), but there is nothing like traditional wine country. You will not experience anything else like it.

Located in Northwest Italy, this is a destination that most only dream of. In fact, some plan special events

Wine Vacations

Tuscany, Italy

(weddings, reunions, etc.) here. The old world style is something that you will not forget.

You will encounter castles that you must take time to experience. And the wine is like none other. I’m sorry, but you will not have an experience like this anywhere else.

There are many family owned and operated wineries that are simply charming and traditional. The beauty that surrounds you is unforgettable.

Keep in mind, these are only two of the many places for wine vacations. The world is filled with many more wine holiday treasures! Here are a few more to look in to: Africa, New Zealand, South America, Australia, or Portugal.


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