KingsBottle 50-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

The KingsBottle 50-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator is quite possibly the perfect size!

50 bottle Wine Refrigerator

Many collectors need more space than what a countertop cooler can offer, but they may not yet be to the point of a collector with hundreds of bottles. This built-in or freestanding cooler is definitely something to consider if your capacity is in this range.

With dual zones, both your reds and whites are at optimal temperature. The upper zone temperature range is 41-60ºF, while the lower is 45-64ºF.

This cooler has compressor cooling and has a fan that circulates the air (for even distribution) which cuts down on vibration (which can damage your wine). The cooler vents in the front (allowing for built-in capability).KingsBottle Wine refrigerator

The finished cabinet is black and the glass door has a stainless steel trim and is reversible. (**This wine cooler also comes with an all black door if you prefer**)

Speaking of the door, it is a gas charged tempered glass safety door with UV double layer coated glass which protects against incandescent and fluorescent lights. These are some great door features.

The digital display and temperature controls are located inside the cooler between the 2 zones. There are easy to use.

There is a lock near the bottom of the cooler to protect your wine and keep unwanted visitors out!

You will find 5 removable wood shelves with steel ball bearing rollers. These shelves move KingsBottle Wine refrigeratorin and out nicely and feel very sturdy. A common complaint however is that the shelves are too close together, cramping the space. I would agree that it can get a bit tight, but the cooler would have to be larger in order to accommodate anything else and the size is really prefect as it is.

The interior also features a LED light.

The dimensions are: 23.6”D x 23.4”W x 33.9”H. It weights in at 112 pounds.

This really is a great cooler. I found it to be pretty quite and the 2 zones worked wonderfully. I also like the capacity of this cooler. It is attractive with the stainless steel and wood shelving.

When doing some additional research, I found that there were some complaints about customer service. I have not had to deal with customer service so I can’t speak to that. However, complaints online seemed to be addressed by the company.

Wine fridge by KingsBottleThe other complaint which I mentioned above is the fact that the racks are close together. They are removable if you have larger bottles, but of course the cooler capacity decreases. The problem with having more interior room is either you have less capacity or you have a much larger appliance.



TypeBuilt-In or Freestanding with front ventilation
Bottle Capacity50-Bottles
Thermoelectric or Compressor Cooling Compressor Cooling
Single or Dual Zone Dual Zone
Temperature Range41 - 60 degrees F Upper, 45-64 degrees F Lower
Digital Thermometer? Yes, digital touchscreen control located on the inside
Shelving5 removable wood shelves with steel ball bearing rollers
Type of Door Gas charged tempered glass safety door with UV double layer coat
Reversible Door?Yes
Dimensions Weight23.6”D x 23.4”W x 33.9”H 112 pounds


LED Lighting? Yes
Locking Door?Yes
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Charcoal Filter?No



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